Our Awesome Members

With620+ members in the Atlanta INTERNATIONAL Social Club, we have grown very steadily and "specifically" since our inception in 2011.  Here are a few things that have happened to our members directly because of the relationships formed:

  • NEW Dating Relationships
  • NEW Business Relationships
  • NEW Homes
  • NEW Travel Friends
  • NEW Sub-Communities

Members are called "Global Minglers"  and they are a great mix of home-grown Americans, Transplants, and those here for a particular term for work or studies. They may work in International companies, they may travel often, they speak several languages and belong to cultures from every corner of the globe.

Our eventsallow each and every participant to be themselves. We encourage a welcoming and interactive atmosphere. We are a positive, supportive group that puts a warm, authentic spin on the word "friendship".

  What Our Members Are Saying...

"I am very excited to be a part of this [club]. It has tremendous potential and the way the [club] has been structured and maintained, it is pulling the right kind of "quality" people. I am beginning to learn many interesting details about various cultures."~ Rekha

"Fun, friendly, Like-minded and engaging." ~ Diana

"The members are very friendly, open-minded and funny. There is plenty of diversity and cultures to keep things interesting and fun." ~ Nikki

"A fun an diverse group of internationally-minded folks. All of the events I have been to have been very well planned, and were a great time.  Everyone is so friendly, it is impossible not to feel welcome. This is the [club] for those interested in a global focus with a local flavor." ~ Brett

"This is a very friendly, outgoing group that I always enjoy haning out with." ~ Kwaj