FEBRUARY 3, 2015

It was announced today that the Atlanta International Social Club closed its doors as a meetup-driven group. Members were notified and received a final email from the organizer.

With 620+ select members, 81 customized events over a 3.5-year period, club members enjoyed a special experience that was both exclusive (in quality and caliber) and inclusive (in warmth and welcoming hospitality).

Members were given the opportunity to stay connected with the club membership by choosing to join a special list of members who want to stay in touch and attend future events.

The Atlanta International Social Club will retain this website as well as the existing facebook page. Members are encouraged to join the facebook page or send a message via this website for further questions.

All members who are interested in being invited to any FUTURE REUNION EVENTS may get in touch via this contact page.

Further information will be provided.